Stella’s Weekend Tales

2:30 PM Friday afternoon: I get a text message from David: Stella stepped in gum and it’s stuck in her toe hairs. Our amazing dog walker asked if he can use our almond butter to slather her paw and get it off. 5:50 AM Saturday morning: I roll over in bed. I open my eyes to peek at David. I stare into a pair of big, brown eyes. They’re not David’s. I gasp and jump back. Stella is curled up … Continue reading

Stella: the Flattest Wedding Guest

Well, we did it! Our pack is officially a family! Although Stella didn’t participate in our wedding in person, she was there in cardboard form. Yes, Stella has her own cardboard cut out. We used her as a prop in our flip-book photo booth, and people seemed to be having fun with her (some of them a little too much!). The picture above is a still shot from the little movie David and I filmed with stand-in Stella. I am … Continue reading

Stella’s Recent Antics

Stella has had so many adventures already this fall. Although she always sits and watches out the window, she has had a lot more to look at lately. The squirrels have been very active, running in front of her, going up and down the trees, burying and digging up their nuts. She has been going crazy. Her instincts to chase are too strong to resist. It was raining pretty hard the other morning, and Stella wore her raincoat when we … Continue reading