Gradient Sparkle Nails

Every time my finals start to approach, I adopt a new distraction. Last year at this time, I started this blog! One semester, it was searching petfinder for dogs. This time, I have two distractions. One is working on our wedding plans, and the other is NAIL ART! I came across on Pinterest recently, and I’m addicted. The blog is in French, so it also gives me a great reason to “brush up” on my reading comprehension. I saw a post for gradient glitter nails, and I knew it was the perfect way to employ a glitter polish I thought I’d never use again.

I bought this polish at CVS for $1.99, so I didn’t care that I’d never use it again except that it’s cute. It’s called Tasmanian Devil by Confetti. I was wearing this nail polish on the day David proposed. The sparkles aren’t very concentrated in the polish, so I had applied about 100 layers to get the glittery look I desired. But when I put on my beautiful, actually sparkly, engagement ring, it made my glitter manicure look like trash by comparison. Every time I looked down at my ring, I had to cover my nails with my other hand. As soon as we got home, before we called anyone, I sat down at the table with a bottle of nail polish remover and scraped it all off.

I’m glad that this polish is out of retirement and can be used much more subtly now. I applied it to a manicure that was already a few days old, so excuse the wear and tear. To do this manicure, brush one coat of the glitter halfway down the nail to the top. Do another coat 3/4 of the way down the nail to the top. Apply the last coat just along the top edge so that the glitter is concentrated at the top and decreases as it goes down the nail. Apply a nice layer of top coat to balance out the nails’ evenness, and let them dry. I like this look, and I can’t wait to try some other techniques!

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