Cute Bomb, Courtesy of My Phone

Every week, Apple has been giving out a free app in the App Store, and I got one that I love. Snapseed is a photo app that has some great editing functions. When I can’t fall asleep at night, I edit pictures. It’s fun, and I’ve created some really cool effects. I don’t get around to transferring my phone pictures to my computer nearly enough, but here are some highlights.

Stella and I have been having a great time at the park playing in the bushes. We each stand on one side of a thicket, and she tries to chase me around. She always wins, and she even figured out that she can go through the thicket to reach me faster. After a few rounds, she took a cool-off break in there instead.

Here is the original photo I snapped. Afterwards, I counted 8 bug bites on my legs and 1 on my arm. That’s what I get for playing in a thicket of bushes. What is wrong with me?

Here is Stella sleeping in a tight little ball on her red chair. But with some editing, it looks like she is floating in space.

Here is the original. Still cute, but nothing special.

Snapseed also has some great color effects. My sister took this picture of Mango. It looks like they were hanging out in some bushes too. It must be genetic.

Here is the original Mango picture. He is still a majestic beauty. What are your favorite photo apps?

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Cute Bomb, Courtesy of My Phone — 3 Comments

  1. Where do you go at the Apple App Store to find those weekly free apps? I would love to look for something like that myself… I love your animal photos. The dog and the cat are just precious.

  2. One of my favorite photos is a darling photo of the bride about four years old looking at Ma. you were so cute.
    How is the Bar exam coming along? I am looking forward to your wedding with excited anticipation. Aunt June will design a dress for me. Will Stella be the ring bearer? I like her red cubby.
    Your loving Bubbie

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