Stella Turns 3 and Birthday Treats!


Stella turned 3 a few days ago! As sweet and lovable as our girl is, she can get into some real mischief. We were hoping that the terrible twos would be over for good, but 3 hasn’t proven to be much better (she shredded her raincoat!). We still love her though, so we wanted to make her birthday special. We took a really fun walk to a green, hilly park, and Stella was able to run around with some new friends. We ate lunch al fresco, and then, I baked Stella’s favorite peanut butter and banana puppy treats.

stella's card

Stella wanted to share her birthday with her doggie cousins, so she had the nice idea to mail them some of her treats. She even signed the cards herself, but her crazy toe hair made her paw print a bit… artistic. We decided to share her treats with you too! I first posted about these peanut butter and banana puppy treats in May 2011, but I wanted to rephotograph them- it’s amazing the difference a little natural light can make!


To make these treats, preheat your oven to 300º F. Mash up 1 banana in a bowl.


Then, add 1 cup of oat flour, 1/3 cup of rolled oats, 3 tablespoons of peanut butter (consider making your own!), and 1 egg to the bowl.


Mix the ingredients together until they are well-incorporated. Because there aren’t many wet ingredients, this dough can be really tough. It is easier if your peanut butter is at room temperature, and I think it’s perfectly acceptable to use your hands if you want to. This time, I oped for an electric mixer 🙂

rolled dough

You can mold the dough into simple coins, or you can roll it out and use cookie cutters to make cute shapes. If you roll it out, sprinkle some oat flour on your board and rolling pin to prevent the dough from being too sticky.


I cut the treats into squirrels, bones, fire hydrants, cats, dogs, hearts, stars, and the number 3 for Stella’s third birthday! Put the treats on a baking sheet and cook them for  30-40 minutes, depending on their thickness,  until they start to brown and crisp.


Let the treats cool completely before giving them to your puppy. Then gobble away!

This recipe is adapted from Whole Foods.

Shopping list:

  • Banana- 1
  • Oat flour- 1 cup
  • Rolled oats- 2/3 cup
  • Peanut butter- 3 tablespoons
  • Egg- 1
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Stella Turns 3 and Birthday Treats! — 15 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday Stella!! The cutest dog on the planet! I remember in a post you said she didn’t like to wear her raincoat……she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore :). The cookie cutters are hilarious!

    The delicious looking doggy cookies look good enough for me to eat.
    Yes, I will make them in the shape of circles and eat them.
    Send this recipe to Parker’s mom and Baron’s aunt Carly.

  3. Happy birthday Stella. You’re so lucky your mom loves you so much
    and made you these amazing cookies. Did you have a birthday party?

    Love you

  4. Happy Birthday to Stella! Just loved her tongue, she definitely looks like she knows she’ll like her treat. Thanks for re-posting the recipe, since I’m new on here, will definitely have to try making them for my 2 pups.

  5. Stella is such a lucky dog. She has her “mom” baking for her and friends, her
    “parents” forgiving her for her 3 year old antics (bet she gets another raincoat).
    But her natural coat is quite beautiful so perhaps she doesn’t want it hidden.
    Happy B’day, Stella and many, many more happy, healthy ones.

    Ruff you,

  6. Happy Birthday Stella, Loved the cookies and I wanted more. I will have to beg my Mom to make the recipe.

    Ruff you,

    Cousin Scruffy

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