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Call me old-fashioned in the age of Pinterest, but I have an inspiration book. Yes, a book that requires scissors and glue! While I think Pinterest is an incredible resource, the sheer volume of inspiration it houses is overwhelming, and I have a hard time turning my attention to any one idea. I prefer my book because finding inspiration to clip and include in it is very satisfying. Whenever I am reading a magazine or a catalogue, I pay extra attention and search for anything that really speaks to me. The ritual of sitting down, cutting it out, applying double-sided tape, and finding the appropriate page in my book where the image can shine feels peaceful and productive.


The book I use is a simple hard-bound with more blank pages than I could ever dream of filling. In addition to inspiring me with ideas I can use, it also serves as a talking piece for guests. I keep it in my coffee table with other conversation-starting books- a few photo albums, wedding flip books, and the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (of course).


The images I collect tend towards the whimsical, and some of them represent design ideas for future homes, while others just give me a feeling of happiness. I love these glowing chandeliers inside of birdcages from the Pottery Barn catalogue. They are so romantic, but also remind me of a classed-up Hogwarts.


Another fun part of adding to the inspiration book is placing complementary images next to each other. The white backgrounds on these two home ideas make them work for me on a single spread, but my real triumph is in the first image above- the green salad and the orange tree. I could stare at that page all day! Am I the only one still gluing an inspiration book, or have all of you migrated to Pinterest?

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My Inspiration Book — 7 Comments

  1. You are not the only one with an inspiration book! I love being able to curl up in a chair with something I can feel in my hands. I have a scrapbook I started long ago in as a teenager that I love. Pinterest is good but overwhelming. I haven’t set up my own spot on it yet. Instead, when I see something I like, I print it out & put it in a folder. So old-fashioned!

  2. I love REAL books, too. Pinterest is fun, too. I have never read an e-book even though my husband has a Kindle. I’m just an old-fashioned girl!

  3. I LOVE THIS! Way more personal than pinterest. You’re right, the number of “ooh shiny!” distractions online makes it hard to focus on ideas that inspire. Thank you for sharing your book. My ideas are in clear plastic page protectors in a three ring binder, but I like the scrapbook feel of yours.

  4. Very cool. Pinterest is confusing and overwhelming to me. I love this idea. I would need to start buying/ reading magazines to do this. Maybe I should start cutting pictures out of my nursing books, because that’s the only thing I am stuck reading!

  5. As much as I enjoy Pinterest, I too need to have my “scraps” right by my side. They many not all be “organized” but I know where to find them which is all that matters.

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring book…

  6. I have an inspiration book that I cut out pictures and paste them into. I use mine for possible artwork. Reminds me that I need to continue to work on it.

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