Miso-Cured Black Cod: A Taste of Japan

As soon as I opened the oven and got a whiff of this fish, I knew it was perfect. It brought me right back to Japan. I first encountered broiled, miso-cured black cod on the airplane, and afterwards it appeared as a component of several other meals throughout our trip, including breakfast. The fish is plump, rich, and incredibly savory. I love prodding it with the end of my chopstick, sliding the layers of fish apart from each other, and … Continue reading


Baby Rue died.  Her absence fills up every silent thought, every space between heartbeats. I hope her vibrant energy brought you happiness during her too-few appearances here. I’ll be back with a new recipe tomorrow to replace this sad news. … Continue reading

Toasty Berbere Shrimp Rolls

In the past few years, lobster rolls have exploded all over DC (not literally). There are lobster roll trucks and multiple stand-alone stores, and all of them are delicious. The same seems to be true for Philadelphia. But because lobster rolls are expensive, they remain a rare indulgence. Not so with shrimp rolls! I first made them as part of a Blue Apron delivery- a service I love, but that’s a discussion for another day- and they have quickly become … Continue reading