Baby Rue died. ┬áHer absence fills up every silent thought, every space between heartbeats. I hope her vibrant energy brought you happiness during her too-few appearances here. I’ll be back with a new recipe tomorrow to replace this sad news. … Continue reading

Toasty Berbere Shrimp Rolls

In the past few years, lobster rolls have exploded all over DC (not literally). There are lobster roll trucks and multiple stand-alone stores, and all of them are delicious. The same seems to be true for Philadelphia. But because lobster rolls are expensive, they remain a rare indulgence. Not so with shrimp rolls! I first made them as part of a Blue Apron delivery- a service I love, but that’s a discussion for another day- and they have quickly become … Continue reading

Healthy Melty Chocolate Bars

I had a sleepover with an esteemed member of the Global Supper Club, and she served me the most crave-worthy breakfast-on-the-go. This chocolate bar is a satisfying, salty-sweet snack that starts off cold and then literally melts in your mouth. It’s so tasty, you’d never know that it is jam packed with nutrients. I begged for the recipe, and now I happily keep a stash of these bars in my refrigerator for whenever a hunger pang, or chocolate craving, strikes. … Continue reading