Charred Cross-Cut Short Ribs

I have wanted to cook cross-cut short ribs for a very long time. They always seemed so cute! And being able to enjoy short ribs without hours spent tending a dutch oven seemed too good to pass up, plus they’re a really great canvas for Asian-inspired flavors. David and I recently ate grilled short ribs at a Korean BBQ place in NYC, and they were off-puttingly crunchy (not in the cooked and crispy kind of way). They actually would have … Continue reading

Home-Cured Lox!

Repeat after me: In Ina We Trust. Years ago, I saw Ina Garten cure her own salmon on her TV show, and the idea has been politely biding its time in the back of my head ever since. I realized that hosting a mothers day brunch would be the perfect opportunity to finally try out the technique (and now my true motivation for inviting family over has been revealed). I’m not about to spend $60 and 3.5 days to risk … Continue reading

Tasty Taro Chips

I am still trying to figure out how to manage my life in Philadelphia, so I sometimes get my groceries delivered from an online service. Frequently, I end up with far too much of something. Right now, it’s rhubarb. But a few weeks ago, it was taro. Whenever I buy those bags of assorted root vegetable chips, I always love the taro chips the most. They’re the white ones with almost purplish-looking squiggles. There are never enough taro chips in … Continue reading