Simple Solution: Lazy De-Wrinkling

I don’t like to iron. Back when I had good intentions, all of our wrinkly, unwearable clothes remained crumpled in a corner forever. Eventually, I came into possession of Bounty’s Wrinkle Releaser spray, and it worked wonders. A few spritzes and a few shakes later, my clothes were smooth…but sticky. Touching a wrinkle-released shirt with damp hands was a recipe for goo. After a few uses, I realized that the key step in eliminating wrinkles seemed to be vigorouslyshaking out … Continue reading

No Swiffer Sweeper Refills for Me, Thanks!

I went to do a quick sweep of my apartment the other day, but I was out of Swiffer sweepers! Oh no! I didn’t want to use a brooooom. So I came up with a solution that has obviated my need to ever buy a Swiffer refill again. Hallelujah. Paper towels! I just ripped off a few sheets, wrapped them around the sweeper, and stuck them in those rubber holding spots. It worked like a charm. The crud on my … Continue reading