Simple Solution: Lazy De-Wrinkling

Simple Solution: Lazy De-wrinkling

I don’t like to iron. Back when I had good intentions, all of our wrinkly, unwearable clothes remained crumpled in a corner forever. Eventually, I came into possession of Bounty’s Wrinkle Releaser spray, and it worked wonders. A few spritzes and a few shakes later, my clothes were smooth…but sticky. Touching a wrinkle-released shirt with damp hands was a recipe for goo.

Simple Solution: Lazy De-wrinkling

After a few uses, I realized that the key step in eliminating wrinkles seemed to be vigorouslyshaking out the clothes after spraying on the product. I decided to experiment using plain water. And…

Simple Solution: Lazy De-wrinkling

…it worked! A few light mists with a water bottle, a few vigorous shakes, and our clothes relaxed into smooth, supple fabric. I use the spray bottle frequently to smooth out clothes that have been stored in drawers or come out of the dryer looking creased. It works every time. Thinner fabrics like the shirts pictured here need about an hour or so to dry out after a light misting, but thicker fabrics like suit material or sweaters look fine almost immediately. Note, however, that you shouldn’t try this method on clothes that can’t get wet.

Has anyone else used this trick, or are you devoted to the iron’s crisp edges?

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Simple Solution: Lazy De-Wrinkling — 10 Comments

  1. Most people here in Japan do not use clothes driers. They always give the damp clothes out of the washing machine several good and brisk shakes and hang them up on hangers. And they get a nice smooth effect as well!

  2. It sounds like a good trick if you don’t like to iron.

    However, I like to iron. When I was sixteen , my father had a store that sold

    washers, dryers and mango’s. My sister demonstrated in the window ironing

    men’s shirts. Isabel loved to iron.

    • Love your story! What’s a mango? Not a fruit I’m assuming……….
      I love all stories from past generations. I am in my mid to late 50’s and am realizing I have many stories too about how things used to be in the ‘olden days’
      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank-you for the info-I would never have thought plain H2o would work so well! I used to put all laundry on the line (middle TN) saving tons on elec. bill…… live in an apt. in Columbus, OH-still hang all clothes on hangers from washer (in all the doorways)but use dryer for towels/sheets/etc. I’ve found that hanging clothes to dry not only saves $ but also keeps clothes looking newer, longer. I will remember this tip if I need to de-wrinkle, Thanks for sharing,

  4. I have been using Bounty Wrinkle Releaser for years. I always have a bottle close by. The other trick I know if you take clothes immediately out of the dryer your clothes should be wrinkle free.

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