Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies

I know this sounds totally crazy, but I filled these thumbprint cookies with leftover curried cranberry sauce. I know it sounds insane to put something that has onions in it on a cookie. It’s madness. But the combination turned out to be really delicious. I crave these cookies. I can’t pass by the kitchen without snagging one. The mild sweetness of the cookie is pierced by the cranberry sauce’s tanginess, and the curry undertones add a welcome, interesting dimension of … Continue reading

Curried Cranberry Sauce

I am addicted to this cranberry sauce. I need to have a bite a day to enjoy its tart, sweet, and savory flavors. Although it might seem odd to put curry powder in cranberry sauce, it works shockingly well. I first became hooked on this sauce in my cooking class, where I tasted it and immediately craved a piece of pork, but I’ve since discovered some other wonderful pairings for it. I love this sauce so much that I stockpiled … Continue reading