Soul-Soothing Matzah Ball Soup

Matzah ball soup is a cure-all. It makes me feel good on sick days, it makes me feel happy on sad days, and it makes the holidays complete. I have always been completely satisfied with making my matzah ball soup from the Manischewitz mix. It’s delicious, and it’s what I’ve always eaten. Sadly, I have a hard time buying it in DC. The supermarkets around here just don’t seem to carry it, and unless my mom mails me some, I’m … Continue reading

Apple and Walnut Charoset

Charoset is more than a symbolic food, meant to represent the mortar that binds the Egyptian pyramids. It is delicious! Charoset is my favorite part of the Passover sedar, and I love snacking on it throughout the rest of the holiday. It’s sweet and nutty, the perfect thing to liven up a piece of matzah or any kind of cracker. It is also really easy to make. No heat required! I first made charoset sitting on a dorm room floor … Continue reading

Passover Inspiration from the Archives

I’m trying to plan out some meals for this week, and here is my inspiration for my shopping trip. Brisket, roasted chicken on a bed of veggies, and fried matzah will all be making an appearance in my kitchen and a trip to my belly. I also hope to cook up some new delicious, but Passover friendly, things to share with you. Unfortunately, all of the bread concoctions I’ve been dying to try will just have to wait. But they … Continue reading