Flourless Hazelnut and Chocolate Layer Cake

I was tasked with bringing dessert to this year’s Passover seder, and I racked my brain about what to make. Fruit and ice cream– too boring. A fruit crumble– nice, but fine for any time of year. Macarons– delicious, but more of a snack. Then I started thinking about macaron cakes and saw a fancy pistachio and strawberry recipe from Ladurée- too time consuming. Then, I found this winner from Smitten Kitchen. Large macarons made from hazelnuts instead of almonds … Continue reading

Peach Kugel

This Passover peach kugel is my mom’s specialty. I remember the first year she made it, everyone raved about it and has demanded it since. It is sweet and delicious, and its large peach slices make it a colorful alternative to the more ubiquitous (but equally as delicious) potato kugel. Until making the peach kugel myself, I always thought it had noodles in it. Nope- all matzah! The matzah is softened and combined with many eggs, so when it bakes, … Continue reading

Apple and Walnut Charoset

Charoset is more than a symbolic food, meant to represent the mortar that binds the Egyptian pyramids. It is delicious! Charoset is my favorite part of the Passover sedar, and I love snacking on it throughout the rest of the holiday. It’s sweet and nutty, the perfect thing to liven up a piece of matzah or any kind of cracker. It is also really easy to make. No heat required! I first made charoset sitting on a dorm room floor … Continue reading