Braiding a Round Challah

It is customary to have round challahs instead of braided challahs for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the holidays marking the Jewish new year. The round shape of the challah is supposed to represent cyclical time and new beginnings. I already perfected a challah recipe that I love, but this was my first time braiding it into a round shape. Although the finished loaf looks complicated, the braiding process is really easy! Here’s how you can follow along (paying more … Continue reading

Peach Kugel

This Passover peach kugel is my mom’s specialty. I remember the first year she made it, everyone raved about it and has demanded it since. It is sweet and delicious, and its large peach slices make it a colorful alternative to the more ubiquitous (but equally as delicious) potato kugel. Until making the peach kugel myself, I always thought it had noodles in it. Nope- all matzah! The matzah is softened and combined with many eggs, so when it bakes, … Continue reading

Potato Kugel, Two Ways

Just like with matzah ball soup, I love potato kugel made from the Manischewitz mix. It’s perfection. Alas, I couldn’t find any mix. I tried making the other brand’s mix, but it tasted like cardboard. Into the trash it went just a few hours before our sedar, and I had to improvise. I came up with two different versions of potato kugel, both of which are delicious, but neither of which are the same as the mix. I’ll start with … Continue reading