Global Supper Club: Italian Edition

The global supper club continues! Our group stopped in Italy last week, all the way at Lauren’s house. She spent the last year in Bologna, so she nabbed Italy from the start. And what did she make? Fresh pasta with bolognese sauce, of course! It was so delicious. I found the perfect group of friends- they can each make magic in the kitchen. I was fresh off a pizza-making high, so I brought a neapolitan-style margarita. Here are some of … Continue reading

Shortcut Tortellini Stuffed with Meat Sauce

I once saw tortellini stuffed with bolognese sauce for sale at Trader Joe’s, so I thought that I could surely stuff tortellini with my magnificent meat sauce. And I could! My last experience making ravioli from scratch was very time consuming, so I decided to take a shortcut this time and replace the homemade pasta with wonton wrappers! I had heard good things about using wonton wrappers to make stuffed pasta, and they worked out wonderfully! Once cooked, they had … Continue reading

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

If you’re a chicken parmesan lover, then you are going to go wild for this pizza. You’re going to go even crazier once you realize how much easier it is to make than normal chicken parmesan. In my house, David is the chicken parmesan lover, and I’m the grinch who rarely feels like cooking it. But I can throw this pizza together in less than 10 minutes using leftover chicken, and David gets giddy with excitement. I really enjoy eating … Continue reading