Magnificent Meat Sauce: New and Improved

Winter is a tough time for blogging, because the days are shorter, and food doesn’t look so great in photographs without sunlight. So I can either take pictures using a flash and hope that some really delicious recipes get the attention they deserve (like these ribs), or I can hold off and plan to remake a recipe on a sunnier day, with the risk that you might never learn about it (like a fantastic winter salad I haven’t gotten back … Continue reading

Spicy Mexican Pasta

Mexican pasta sounds crazy, but it’s addictively delicious. It’s different than normal pasta, because the noodles are toasted before they’re cooked and then baked with a spicy chipotle sauce. The toasting keeps the noodles nutty and chewy, but still tender. The pleasant bite will keep you going back for…bite after bite. Top with queso fresco and share with friends. I doubled this recipe, but to make enough to serve 4-5 people, fill a skillet with 1/4 cup of canola oil, … Continue reading

Spicy Sausage Mac & Cheese with Broccolini

I once ate a fantastic pasta with spicy sausage and rapini at Bibiana here in DC, and I’ve been in love with the flavor combination ever since. When David mentioned that I hadn’t made mac and cheese in a while, I couldn’t help but fuse the two for a very hearty winter meal. The gems of spiced, browned sausage are so delicious that you’ll mine them right out of your bowl. If you’re in the mood for something just a … Continue reading