Funky French Manicure with a Silver Sharpie

I’ve been having so much fun coming up with new manicures to try. I love this version! It’s fun but still relatively subtle. P.S. Doesn’t Stella have a cute leash?! I bought these silver markers to help my dad with a gym project, and I’ve been looking for fun ways to use them ever since. Writing on dark paper is fun, but it only entertains for so long. Fortunately, these silver markers are perfect for drawing on a cool French … Continue reading

Loving Pink

I love buying new nail polishes, and here is my current favorite: Esie’s Pop Art Pink. It has a lot of the same qualities as my other Esie summer favorite, Nice is Nice. Both look great with a tan (not that I have one) and are really long lasting. They also both have a watery consistency and require a few coats to attain opaque coverage. Three coats of Pop Art did the trick. This color is great for vacations because … Continue reading

A Manicure on the Cheap

I love getting manicures, but my weekly habit started getting a little too expensive. I’ll choose a nice meal over colorful fingers any day. So it was time for me to finally master the at-home manicure. It was long overdue because it turns out that I really like doing them! In addition to their cost-effectiveness, I don’t have to leave the house (always a chore) and I don’t have to make small talk (also a chore) with the manicurist. Plus, … Continue reading