Passover Inspiration from the Archives

I’m trying to plan out some meals for this week, and here is my inspiration for my shopping trip. Brisket, roasted chicken on a bed of veggies, and fried matzah will all be making an appearance in my kitchen and a trip to my belly. I also hope to cook up some new delicious, but Passover friendly, things to share with you. Unfortunately, all of the bread concoctions I’ve been dying to try will just have to wait. But they … Continue reading

David’s Fried Matzah

Today’s post comes courtesy of David. He has become a true master of breakfast and one of his specialties is making the best fried matzah in town. His fried matzah has become a full-fledged comfort food I crave. This designation is a very high honor that can only be achieved by a dish that is delicious, reassuring, and made on a frequent basis. I hope you enjoy learning his methods, or at least have fun drooling over the pictures.  When … Continue reading