Tortilla Española and Garlic Aioli

My group of friends recently held a Spanish edition of the Global Supper Club, which gave me an excellent excuse to finally learn how to make a Spanish tortilla. Tortilla Española is essentially a potato frittata, and I absolutely love it. No trip to a tapas restaurant is complete without one (my favorite DC offerings come from Bodega and Estadio). I have investigated making a tortilla in the past, but I was always put off by the vast amount of … Continue reading

Potato Frittata with Bacon and Feta

What is breakfast without potatoes and eggs? Poached or scrambled, home fries or hash browns? Avoid the tough decisions, and eat your eggs and potatoes in a single breakfast skillet! Throw in some bacon, feta, and scallions, and you instantly have a sophisticated break in your breakfast routine. I’ve made this frittata twice so far- once to test out the recipe for dinner and once for a brunch with my dog park friends. There’s lots to tell about the brunch, … Continue reading

Simple Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have a clear purpose in my life; they help me eat delicious gravies and sauces. These mashed potatoes aren’t anything special on their own, but when they’re loaded with boeuf bouguignon or short ribs, they turn magical. They do a great job absorbing the flavors around them and holding together so the savory stews can travel from plate to fork to mouth. It’s time for these potatoes to get the credit they deserve! To make them, boil 3 … Continue reading