Natural Cherry Pie Filling–For Hamantaschen!

I love hamantaschen season, but every year when it’s time to make them, I feel terrible opening up the can of artificial cherry pie filling. I keep trying and failing to avoid it. Last year’s use of cherry jam was a sticky, overly-sweet disaster. But last week, in what can only be characterized as fateful timing, I noticed that Trader Joe’s had stocked bags of beautiful frozen cherries. I felt inspired to re-attempt making my own cherry pie filling, and … Continue reading

Mammy’s Hamantaschen

Happy Purim! I always look forward to this time of year for the hamantaschen. I hoard them in the freezer for as long as I can, which usually isn’t very long because I can’t stop eating them. Every year, Mammy used to bake hamantaschen with me and my sisters. We loved it. Last year, I made them with my mom, and we had fun too. I went home this year so we could do it again. We had our dough … Continue reading