Broiled Salmon with Horseradish and Orange Cream

I have never seen fish prepared this way before, but it should be done more often! The cream is whipped until it is spreadable, then it is spiked with aromatics, spread on thinly sliced fish, and quickly broiled until the cream is browned and the fish is fully cooked. The whole shebang is prepared in a flash and is so delicious that it’s eaten that quickly too. I flavored the cream with orange zest and horseradish, but other flavor combinations … Continue reading

Asian-Style Salmon en Papillote

Welcome to Witty in the City’s first ever fish recipe!! As you may know, I have wanted to like salmon for a long time, and my wishes finally came true! My friend and I ordered a salmon dish from my current favorite restaurant of all time, Estadio, and the fish was incredible! The skin was thick and crispy, and the salmon was cooked medium-rare. The bright pink flesh of that salmon was a gateway drug! With no experience cooking fish, … Continue reading