Hawaiian Curiosities

The hotel I stayed at in Honolulu had penguins. Penguins. They swam in the water with turtles and koi, and people could pet them if they came close enough. Penguins. In Hawaii. The inner part of Honolulu is very different from the coast. It is cloudier and more tropical. The plant life is very unique. Granted, we were at a botanical garden. But look at this tree! I’d never seen anything like it. It reminds me of a crayon…peel back … Continue reading

Military Hawai’i

It would be wrong to go to Hawaii and spend all of your time on the beach, although I certainly got my fair share of sand time. There are so many other sights and attractions to explore, especially the U.S.’ s strong military presence on Oahu. We happened to take a never-ending tour to Pearl Harbor, the Arizona memorial, a submarine, and the U.S.S. Missouri battleship. Despite my tour bus/military overload that day, we saw a lot of emotional, historic, … Continue reading

Mountain Escape

I recently spent a rejuvenating few days at an expansive resort in the Virginia mountains. David and I stayed in a house with his sister, her husband, and their two personable pugs. Primland Resort covers thousands of acres and is unlike any hotel I’ve ever seen. The resort’s amenities are spread over its thousand acres, so having a car is an absolute requirement. The drive from our cabin to the restaurants at the main lodge took us up and down … Continue reading