Winter Fun in NC

Winter in North Carolina’s mountains is mighty cold, but there are a lot of fun and cozy things to do. The best activity is enjoying nature. The mountains are totally different than they are in the summer when the trees are lush and green. Instead, the forest curtain is fractured and it’s easier to see the surprisingly blue mountain ranges. The Blue Ridge Mountains…I understand the name now. Each layer of mountain takes on a different beautiful hue. The views … Continue reading

Stella’s Mountain Adventure

David, Stella, and I traveled down to North Carolina’s mountains to spend a few rejuvenating days over the new year. All three of us made both seven hour drives without puking! It was such a feat. Well, it was a feat for Stella. Ever since we’ve known Stella, she has had severe anxiety about riding in the car and has thrown up at least once during most of our rides. We have done so much driving over this holiday season … Continue reading

Things I Like About Florida

There are a lot of things I love about Florida. Of course, David comes from there and my beautiful Bubbie and Aunt June live there. But there are also the most heart-stopping sunsets. Road trips are also really fun because the roads are sleek and smooth… …the speed limit is 70! MPH, and… …the scenery is beautiful. I love the pastel landscape of near-constant greens and blues. And the roadside wildlife is also really fun to look out for. I … Continue reading