Thanksgiving in Jamaica, Mon

Thanksgiving in Jamaica is full of delicious food. First, there is the jerk chicken. It sends my taste buds to a magical place. For some reason, eating spicy food on a hot beach just feels so right. This chicken was marinated and doused in a special sauce, and it was grilled to perfection amid smoking pimento leaves. The meat was tender, and the skin was deliciously crisp. Even the fishies swimming just off shore wanted a nibble of this chicken. … Continue reading

Loving Pink

I love buying new nail polishes, and here is my current favorite: Esie’s Pop Art Pink. It has a lot of the same qualities as my other Esie summer favorite, Nice is Nice. Both look great with a tan (not that I have one) and are really long lasting. They also both have a watery consistency and require a few coats to attain opaque coverage. Three coats of Pop Art did the trick. This color is great for vacations because … Continue reading

I ♥ Taking Pictures At Night

Taking pictures at night or in low-light conditions can be a real challenge, but you can also end up with some of the coolest images! Once the sun sets, get out there and experiment! I have a few tips that can help your pictures be more successful. First, whether you’re using a point and shoot or an SLR camera, forget the flash. Flashes don’t illuminate very far in low light conditions, and they’re too harsh for subjects that are up … Continue reading