Meditations on Warmer Weather

can you believe i took this photo with my iphone?

Spring is finally here, hooray! The flower pictured above was a magical flower and the first true sign that warmer weather was here to stay. The flower was magical because I’d never seen anything grow quite like it. I was walking Stella one morning when we stumbled upon a large scattering of these flowers, both purple and bright orange ones, sprouting straight up out of the grass in the shade of a towering tree. The flowers were very tiny, unattached to any larger growth, and seemed to be appearing out of nowhere. It was the first time Stella had seen anything grow like that too. We both stopped to admire the bright little flowers, Stella gave some sniffs (no licks this time), and I couldn’t stop myself from plucking a sprig of beauty to take home with us. They were just beautiful.

bambi stella

All of the beauties of spring don’t come without downsides. The biggest downside for me has been the birds. The first mean bird I encountered this season pooped on me twice within two minutes as I was leisurely sitting on a park bench, eating some french fries, and talking on the phone. Not only did the second poop splatter into my fries, but I also had to sit through three hours of class with yucky poo rubbed into my clothes. If it got my hair, I would have gone home (I’m not totally gross).

Stella and I encountered the second mean bird of the season on another one of our leisurely walks. This bird swooped down from its tree-top perch as we passed underneath and pecked Stella on the back! Then the cowardly bird flew right back to its tree and squawked away at us. You should have seen the look on poor Stella’s face. She was crouched real low to the ground and was so confused about what just happened! While I’m sure the bird was being a good mommy and defending its nest, we make sure to speed past that tree every day as it hops from branch to branch, following us down the sidewalk, and screaming at us all the way.

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Meditations on Warmer Weather — 2 Comments

  1. I think there is some saying about birds pooping on you being good luck. Seems kind of lame to me, but apparently its superstition. So maybe the bird wasnt being mean?

    though the second bird sounds like a real jerk.

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