Thanksgiving in Jamaica, Mon

Thanksgiving in Jamaica is full of delicious food. First, there is the jerk chicken. It sends my taste buds to a magical place. For some reason, eating spicy food on a hot beach just feels so right. This chicken was marinated and doused in a special sauce, and it was grilled to perfection amid smoking pimento leaves. The meat was tender, and the skin was deliciously crisp. Even the fishies swimming just off shore wanted a nibble of this chicken. But they couldn’t have mine because feeding chicken to fish weirded me out on a fundamental level. Do any of you have a tried and true jerk chicken recipe? I need to recreate this goodness immediately.

Another great thing about Thanksgiving in Jamaica is getting to drink fresh coconut water. This stuff is the real deal… better than anything you can buy in a package. The coconuts were chilled, so they were perfectly refreshing and re-hydrating on the hot beach. This coconut was more mature, so it had a lot of coconut meat on the inside. What a bonus! I nibbled those coconut edges and then scraped out as much tropical flesh as my straw and little hands could reach.

The third good meal on Thanksgiving in Jamaica was me… for the fishies. When they couldn’t get a bite of my jerk chicken, they started taking bites of my toes! Maybe they’re attracted to red nail polish because they nibbled at that first. Then they moved on to my toes, and my heels, and my legs too. But I don’t think I got any fish cooties, they were pretty cute. I just got cuties. Ha?

But seriously… any jerk chicken recipes? My unfulfilled cravings are starting to send me into a cold, shaky sweat.

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