Stella of the Night

This is what Stella Girl looks like at night. She gets nice and cuddly in the blankets with her soft fur and tired eyes. I swear, she gets bags under her eyes when she is up too late. What a sweet girl. Sometimes, she snuggles her wet nose so close to me that my clothes are damp when she finally sneaks away. I love this baby.

Here is Stella’s atler-ego, Spooky Stella, the doggie demon who will steal your bacon and your cheese. She is sneaking out of the darkness… Beware! Actually, I took this picture in broad daylight (although Stella was sniffing at my food), but I grossly under-exposed it. I still think it’s cute though. I like that Stella’s eye booger is so prominent.

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Stella of the Night — 2 Comments

  1. Was checking out your latest receipe and came across this post. Stella is a lucky poochie to have found you. My dogs mean more to me than mere words can express. They are my heart, so I completely understand how you feel about your sweet girl.

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