Kitty Bonding

When I went home to make (or attempt to make) hamantaschen with my mom, I went without David and Stella. One of them usually comes with me, so it was nice to be able to bond with my parents and cats one-on-one. The cats were especially happy that Stella didn’t make the trip because she tries to chase them. Little Muffin didn’t hold a grudge that I’d neglected her for so long (7 years). As soon as I arrived home alone, we fell right back in to our old patterns. Drink out of the bathtub, cuddle in my bed, pet Muffin with both hands. She is so beautiful and innocent looking. Her pink little paws make her look like a true, pampered princess.

Mango doesn’t really care about me either way. He just wants his tail to be held while he eats and to be let outside. I played with him a little bit, and he seemed happy. I love photographing Mango because he is very regal (now that his hair grew back). And he has beautiful eyes.

And then there is little Greasey. She is tiny and cute and certifiably insane. Even the vet wanted to put her on mind-altering drugs. She is loveable and has a good side, but she should probably go on “My Cat from Hell.” I don’t think she is bad enough to make the show, but she could definitely use some help. GET HER A CAT TREE!!

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