Coconut Oil for Silky Hair

I’ve used coconut oil for cooking, I’ve used it on my hands and lips, and now I use it on my hair. Before going to sleep each night, I rub a small amount of coconut oil between my palms to melt it. Then, I run my hands through the ends of my hair. My hair smells incredible, and I fall asleep with tropical dreams. When I wake up, any external signs of the oil are gone, hopefully absorbed into my hair shafts instead of my pillow case. After a few nights of this routine, I noticed that my hair looked incredibly silky. I had a Marsha Brady moment. The coconut oil applications keep the ends of my hair moisturized, and any split ends are stopped from tangling into a self-destructive splitting cycle. Just make sure not to apply the oil before heat styling- you don’t want to literally fry your hair! That won’t smell as good as my sweet potato fries.

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Coconut Oil for Silky Hair — 7 Comments

  1. I keep a small plastic tub of this in my beach bag and put it on at the beach. It really does keep the ends of my hair silky. Having long hair it is important to have it look healthy. I haven’t tried this at night as my sheets and pillow cases are too expensive to risk it.

  2. Ive done this for years, it’s great. Just be careful not to go to close to scalp if your hair is oily. I also rub a small amount over my dog. It makes her coat so smooth and soft, and smells wonderful.

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