Ribs for Your Pleasure!

I love RIBS! These baby backs are slow-steamed in the oven, brushed with an Asian BBQ sauce, and caramelized until they’re irresistible. We had to put straws in our water glasses because we couldn’t put the ribs down long enough to take a drink. Stella practically did back flips to get her paws on a morsel. What I’m trying to say is: make these for your next BBQ. I learned to cook ribs by steaming them in the oven, a … Continue reading

Coconut Rice with Ginger and Chilis

I am obsessed with this coconut rice. I’ve experienced its flavors in restaurants many times and have struggled to recreate them at home. When I learned how to make this rice in my cooking class, I knew it would be a staple in my kitchen from now until eternity. The rice cooks with ease and is delicately flavored with coconut, cinnamon, mustard seeds, ginger, and the delayed-onset heat of a chili. One taste, and you’ll crave this stuff too. To … Continue reading

Mushroom and Ginger Wontons

One of our favorite restaurants, Bangkok Joe’s, has the most delicious dumplings I’ve ever eaten. The first mushrooms I ever liked were in their mushroom and ginger dumplings. They were so flavorful and unique that they insisted on being enjoyed. When I had some wonton wrappers and mushrooms hanging around in my fridge, I decided to make my own version. And while different, these wontons are quite delicious in their own way. To make them, finely dice 1 pint of … Continue reading