Kitty Love

Animals that love each other really warm my heart. Nothing makes me happier than watching fuzzballs cuddle. It’s especially nice when they’re brother and sister fuzz balls. Muffin, the grey cat, loves kissing her brother, Mango. And he kisses her back too sometimes. They never used to kiss each other when they were younger. Their affection is even more special because reports from the homefront say that Muffin and Greasey, the Halloween cat, have been getting into fights, and Muffin … Continue reading

Halloween Cat

This is Greasey. She is nuts. My dad found her as a baby kitten living in a tire outside of his work. Greasey’s full name is Grease Ball because that’s what she was when we got her. She also had fleas. She is a very lovable girl except that she terrorizes many of her family members. My sister really loves her, so we keep her around. She also has an enlarged nipple. Greasey is a beautiful cat. I think she’d … Continue reading

An Update on My Shrunken Cats

Well, they are still shrunken. But I am starting to accept the fact that their ears are tiny and they will never look the same as they did pre-Stella. I had fun giving them some cat nip. They are real addicts! Once the first sniff kicks in, they drop to the ground and start rolling all over the floor. Mango got up onto a chair and just before he was going to jump, my sister interjected his thoughts: “I can … Continue reading