An Update on My Shrunken Cats

Well, they are still shrunken. But I am starting to accept the fact that their ears are tiny and they will never look the same as they did pre-Stella. I had fun giving them some cat nip. They are real addicts! Once the first sniff kicks in, they drop to the ground and start rolling all over the floor. Mango got up onto a chair and just before he was going to jump, my sister interjected his thoughts: “I can fly!”

Poor Mango got some of his knots shaved off recently. He looks pathetic, and I feel bad that he has puzzle piece hair. But he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

He still gets plenty of love anyway.

Little Muffin is still a cuddly, lovable angel.

Muffin and Mango are brother and sister, and they are finally starting to show some affection for each other. It’s so cute. I love when animals snuggle with each other!

Greasey hasn’t changed. Too bad.

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