Fun Eating: Squash-Stuffed Shells

This weekend, I drove from spring to winter. It was very unusual. One moment, I was walking Stella in 60 degree weather, and three hours later, Stella was playing in falling snow. This strange weather pattern means only one thing: time is running out to enjoy fresh squash. So make these stuffed shells soon! I made them using a butternut squash, but if you do miss the end of winter, they would also be great with canned pumpkin purée. These … Continue reading

Apple and Cheddar Scones

My kitchen was a scone factory the other day. David requested that I make lemon blueberry scones, and although they are delicious, I was shocked because he never requests anything sweet. It was a big endorsement! And then I was craving a batch of apple cheddar scones that I first made two years ago and have been pondering ever since. These scones have a surprisingly small amount of sugar in them, and they strike the perfect balance between sweet and … Continue reading

Party Bread

I came across the idea to make pull-apart bread online, and I instantly knew that it was an easy way to recreate the delicious “special” bread from an Italian restaurant back home. Their bread has cheese, long hot peppers, olives, and meat baked into it to create a delicious pre-meal feast. Here is a shortcut to that wonder: Buy an already-baked loaf of bread, cut it open, stuff it with goodness, and heat it until it’s gooey. To make a … Continue reading