Cheese Soufflé

Chocolate soufflés get all the attention, but this cheese soufflé really deserves your love and affection. As expected, I load this puppy up with a lot of gruyère. The soufflé is creamy, puffy, and savory- with a hint of dijon mustard to add some depth of flavor. One of the best pairings I’ve come across for this soufflé is a crisp and juicy apple. I like alternating bites of each, but if you have an apple salad that you enjoy, … Continue reading

Gougères: Puffed and Refreshed

If you need a last-minute holiday hors d’oeuvre, this is it! I have made gougères many times before, but my standard recipe has proven less reliable than I would like this time around (think smoke alarms and wasted cheese). Because I love gougères so much and make them so frequently, an inconsistent recipe is completely unacceptable. This improved version of the recipe does a better job of conforming to “pastry” standards, and it produces extra puffy and consistently reliable snacks. … Continue reading

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese and tomato soup have been a winter craving for us since I packed them for a Valentine’s Day picnic several years ago, in the snow, to watch the planes come in and out of the airport. Back then, “making” tomato soup consisted of opening a can of Campbell’s. My tastes have evolved since then, but I hadn’t attempted to make my own tomato soup, so we went without. Our period of deprivation has ended just in time for … Continue reading