Espresso Nutella Sticky Buns

I’ve tinkered with about four batches of these sticky buns, and I love them. The dough is tender and flavored with espresso, the Nutella filling is sweet but not overwhelming, and the coffee glaze keeps the buns sticky and moist for days, if they’re around for that long. These sticky buns are perfect when they’re just barely warm, either out of the oven or reheated in the microwave. I love unwrapping the rolled up layers and eating these sticky buns … Continue reading

A Banana Bread for My Sweet Tooth

I’ve been trying to find a great banana bread recipe for a long time. I used to use the boxed mix from Trader Joe’s, but I’ve known for quite a while that I have to step up my game. I’ve tried a few different recipes, but none of them gave me the right results… until now. This banana bread is moist on the inside but crisp and chewy around the edges. The banana flavor is just right, and the chocolate … Continue reading

Delectable Chicken with Olives and Grapes

This chicken is so flavorful and delicious that I just about teared up with happiness when I tasted it. It’s amazing!!  The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is delivering home run after home run. This dish is almost effortless, but the flavors are unique and the salty sweetness of the sauce really sets it apart. To enjoy this feast, preheat your oven to 450ºF. Separate three chicken quarters into legs and thighs, and season them with salt and pepper. Mince 2 small … Continue reading