Here is the last, and best, installment of our trip to Thailand. If I return to Thailand, I will beeline for the islands. We stayed in the Phang Nga Bay, a 45 minute boat ride from both Phuket and Krabi. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, with its clear, turquoise water and limestone pillars jutting out of the calm sea. The island had the best qualities we experienced sprinkled around Thailand, all captured in one place- kind … Continue reading


I have made more semi-serious kitchen mistakes in the last few days than you may believe. But here they are, in the form of a warning, and, hopefully, a teaser for French macarons. 1. Do not put popcorn kernels into your garbage disposal. 2. Do not defrost meat in your refrigerator without first placing it in a dish- plastic bags do not contain juices! 3. Check the expiration dates on chickens before you buy them. 4. Do not store heavy … Continue reading

Simple Solutions- Saving Zested Fruit

For a long time, I zested my citrus and then it went to waste. I’d put the fruit in the fridge, but it would quickly turn rock-solid, and I wouldn’t be able to use it. My hardened lemons and oranges became so annoying that I complained to friends, and one of them offered up the perfect solution. If you wrap your zested fruit in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge, the plastic will act as a second skin … Continue reading