Savory Buckwheat Crêpes

Stereotypically, one of the best parts of living in Paris was getting to frequent the crêpe stands. Most of my crêpes were eaten late-night, on the way home from the bars. I’d sometimes snag a nutella-banana crêpe on Rue Mouffetard, but the savory crêpes around Odéon were the best. We visited a few sit-down crêpe restaurants as well, where all of the crêpes were served plated rather than folded and held by hand. The biggest difference between sweet and savory crêpes is … Continue reading

The Joy of Pre-made Crêpes

I recently came across a post from David Lebovitz’s website on foods that should not be sold in French supermarkets. I agree with almost the entire list. Why, for example, would a French supermarket ever sell Pillsbury crescent-style, bake-at-home croissants? Fresh, delicious croissants are available on EVERY street corner, so there is no need to ever take a shortcut to baking your own. Especially when they probably won’t even be as good. Other things on the list were just gross … Continue reading