Mountain Escape

I recently spent a rejuvenating few days at an expansive resort in the Virginia mountains. David and I stayed in a house with his sister, her husband, and their two personable pugs. Primland Resort covers thousands of acres and is unlike any hotel I’ve ever seen. The resort’s amenities are spread over its thousand acres, so having a car is an absolute requirement. The drive from our cabin to the restaurants at the main lodge took us up and down … Continue reading

Mammy’s Hamantaschen

Happy Purim! I always look forward to this time of year for the hamantaschen. I hoard them in the freezer for as long as I can, which usually isn’t very long because I can’t stop eating them. Every year, Mammy used to bake hamantaschen with me and my sisters. We loved it. Last year, I made them with my mom, and we had fun too. I went home this year so we could do it again. We had our dough … Continue reading

Stella Loves Life

Stella and I have settled into a routine that cracks me up. Every day, I take her out for a good dose of exercise. We run. We laugh. We dig in the dirt. And after we return home, Stella sits in her window. A few minutes later, she hops down onto the sofa and rubs herself on the cushions like a lunatic. She knocks over the pillows. She knocks over the blankets. She turns herself upside down and makes crazy … Continue reading