Stella Loves Life

Stella and I have settled into a routine that cracks me up. Every day, I take her out for a good dose of exercise. We run. We laugh. We dig in the dirt. And after we return home, Stella sits in her window. A few minutes later, she hops down onto the sofa and rubs herself on the cushions like a lunatic. She knocks over the pillows. She knocks over the blankets. She turns herself upside down and makes crazy … Continue reading

Girls’ Lunch: Veggie Pancake Salad

This is a really healthy, really tasty way to eat a veggie-filled lunch. This pancake salad is the perfect thing to make for a girls’ lunch. The veggie pancake is mostly made of beets, and when it cooks, it becomes a sweet, caramelized, savory concoction that pairs perfectly with some spicy arugula. Everything in this meal is good for you! Start off by cooking 1 cup of cubed potato or squash. I steamed some butternut squash (which Stella went looney … Continue reading

Different Species, Similar Style

Here is fluffy Mango in a very relaxed state. He likes to relax inside of cardboard boxes. I love how his green eyes contrast with his golden fur and the white background. It’s like wearing a white dress when you have a tan- KAPOWW! Here is silky Stella in a very relaxed state. She likes to relax by sprawling out on our down comforter after nudging it into a puppy nest. I love how her dark eyes and nose contrast … Continue reading