Peach Breakfast Bruschetta

Peaches have been so amazing this summer, and I’ve been having a great time finding new ways to eat them up. This breakfast bruschetta is unique because it combines crunchy, buttery toast with balsamic-marinated peaches that provide a sharp zing to cut through the richness. The only thing that could make this breakfast better is a sunny patio to eat it on! To make this bruschetta, dice up one peach, and put it in a bowl. Pour over 2 tablespoons … Continue reading

Yogurt Peach Pancakes

I can’t stop wanting these pancakes. They are so delicious! Sweet, crispy, and begging for a drizzle of maple syrup. I don’t know what I am going to do when peaches go out of season. Actually… I better make and freeze a huge batch ASAP! These peach pancakes are made with a wonderful, yogurt-based batter that is light and fluffy. The peaches just begin to caramelize after the pancakes are flipped over to create a beautiful palette of tan, pink, … Continue reading

Something Old and Something New

Let’s start with the something new. One of the supermarket chains around here has a very odd exotic food section. Some of the produce is not exotic at all and appears elsewhere in the store- like pomegranates, Asian pears, and mushrooms. The more unusual produce is usually over-ripe (yes, that’s the polite term for rotten). Although the store frequently has lychees, they’ve never been good enough to buy. But yesterday, some of the produce actually looked fresh! I have always … Continue reading