Best Pizza Dough

You know that I make a lot of pizzas, so when I say that I’ve made my most delicious pizza yet, I’m telling you something big. And this most delicious pizza is a humble margarita! But it’s really the dough that makes it so special. For me, the crust is the most essential part of any pizza, and this one is wonderful. It is a beautiful crust: easy to stretch thinly, a nice flavor, and the perfect combination of chewy, … Continue reading

Crusty Cranberry Walnut Bread

I’ve had a hankering for cranberry walnut bread since I ate a delicious slice out of Le Diplomate’s bread basket. My requests to buy a loaf were rejected, and I immediately began scheming up how to bake my own. But I never imagined that it would be this easy. Really, baking this utterly delicious and impressive loaf of bread required practically no work, other than exercising my patience muscle. But when it comes to eating this bread, I’ll gladly exercise my … Continue reading

Silky Squash Soup

This soup is like velvet on my tongue. It’s so silky and smooth and flavorful; I just can’t wait to make another batch of puréed heaven. I was so excited to see delicata squash reappear in the supermarkets, so I snatched one up. And then I had a soup lesson in my cooking class, and I knew that I had to make a squash soup. I was thinking about it and dreaming about it, but different events kept appearing on … Continue reading