Toasty Berbere Shrimp Rolls

In the past few years, lobster rolls have exploded all over DC (not literally). There are lobster roll trucks and multiple stand-alone stores, and all of them are delicious. The same seems to be true for Philadelphia. But because lobster rolls are expensive, they remain a rare indulgence. Not so with shrimp rolls! I first made them as part of a Blue Apron delivery- a service I love, but that’s a discussion for another day- and they have quickly become … Continue reading

Queso Fresco: Simple Homemade Cheese

Who knew that making cheese could be so fun or so easy? I took a class on homemade Mexican food a while back, and this recipe was the simplest thing we made. So, when chatter about a Global Supper Club: Mexican Edition picked up, I knew this creamy goodness would make an appearance. It’s really cool to see milk separate and turn to cheese right before your eyes, triggered by nothing more than heat and lemon juice. It would be … Continue reading

Philly-Style Soft Pretzels

In Philadelphia, soft pretzels are a significant and constant presence in life. Having grown up in that city, their delicious abundance forms the centerpiece of countless memories. Like of my neighbor who made deliveries at pretzel factories, where he would fill up his trunk with sheets of pretzels still warm from the oven. When the kids on my street saw his car pull into the driveway, we’d chant “Sam, Sam, the pretzel man” and run over for our delicious handout. Or … Continue reading