The Farm Grows On, and a Crazy Cat

My parents’ farm garden has grown so much since my last visit just a few weeks ago. It is lush and bountiful, but the harvest is just beginning. Real broccoli is growing! If you cut the broccoli stalk out of the middle of the plant, a new one will grow! Or so I’m told. There are plenty of very sweet string beans too. They seem to appear overnight. The string beans are sweet and very crunchy. Perfect for a salad. … Continue reading

When Pets Meet Makeup

The first time Stella ever stayed at my parents’ house, her and David got downstairs before I did one morning (well, all mornings). Stella came to greet me when I arrived in the kitchen. But something was different about her. I looked at her, and I looked at her, and I got closer to her. There was something red right between her eyes. And as I got closer, I realized that it was shaped like lips. My mom had kissed … Continue reading

Halloween Cat

This is Greasey. She is nuts. My dad found her as a baby kitten living in a tire outside of his work. Greasey’s full name is Grease Ball because that’s what she was when we got her. She also had fleas. She is a very lovable girl except that she terrorizes many of her family members. My sister really loves her, so we keep her around. She also has an enlarged nipple. Greasey is a beautiful cat. I think she’d … Continue reading