Get Crabby

This has been the summer of the crab. There has been hammering and cracking galore. My friend got a bushel of crabs to celebrate his birthday- my new birthday celebration of choice. We had everything you need for crabs: mallets, beer, good friends, and extra Old Bay. It turns out that a bushel of crabs is a feast. According to the Internet, a bushel can hold 5 to 7 dozen crabs. We we ready to dig in! We spread out … Continue reading

Purrrrring and Laughs

I’ve been going to pet a very purrrrry cat while his family is out of town. The cat, George, loves getting LOTS of attention! David came to pet George with me recently because every cat knows that four hands are better than two. George loved it. He purred the whole time. And then David said, “This cat needs to get checked. I think it has a breathing problem!” AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. He cracks me up! … Continue reading

Toenail Drama

I have a fear of my toenails falling off. Fingernails too, I guess. My toenail fear has been exacerbated by my sister’s missing nail experience. She wore a pair of crappy shoes from Forever 21 on New Year’s Eve, and they seriously bruised both of her big toenails. Both nails turned black and fell off a few weeks later. She kept me sharply apprised of their status by sending me frequent pictures. Black nails, missing nails, toenails strategically placed over … Continue reading