Things I Like About Florida

There are a lot of things I love about Florida. Of course, David comes from there and my beautiful Bubbie and Aunt June live there. But there are also the most heart-stopping sunsets. Road trips are also really fun because the roads are sleek and smooth… …the speed limit is 70! MPH, and… …the scenery is beautiful. I love the pastel landscape of near-constant greens and blues. And the roadside wildlife is also really fun to look out for. I … Continue reading

Is My Scar on Straight?

The last Harry Potter movie premiers tonight, and the anticipation is too much. I can’t wait!! I have high hopes for this last movie because the first part of the finale did a really good job staying true to the book (even if that meant releasing a long movie with an abrupt ending). Harry Potter movies have been memorable occasions throughout the last ten(?) years. I remember going to the first movie with my family and being embarrassed for all … Continue reading