Stella’s Mountain Adventure

David, Stella, and I traveled down to North Carolina’s mountains to spend a few rejuvenating days over the new year. All three of us made both seven hour drives without puking! It was such a feat. Well, it was a feat for Stella. Ever since we’ve known Stella, she has had severe anxiety about riding in the car and has thrown up at least once during most of our rides. We have done so much driving over this holiday season … Continue reading

Holiday Times and New Year Celebrations

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! The last night of Hanukkah is always my favorite because the menorah is so beautiful. As a kid, my two sisters and I would take turns lighting the menorah each night. Normal children fight to go first, but not me. I’d figure out which rotation would allow me to light the menorah on the last night with the most candles, and they never figured out my plan. Now I play that trick on David … Continue reading