These Are a Few of My Faaa-vor-ite Things

As much as I love kitten whiskers (I actually have a collection of them at home, leftover from when I’d find them as a kid) and wrapped packages, there are two other things in my daily life that make me even happier. The first is Trader Joe’s lavender lotion. It makes me happy to look at because its bottle and label are really pretty, but the best part is that it smells like a spa! Ahhhh, instant relaxation. It is also a good lotion- not too creamy, watery, or greasy!

The second thing that makes my daily life more enjoyable is my collection of infused olive oils. There is a great olive oil and vinegar store in Newtown, Pennsylvania that I love going to because they let you taste all of them. Just be warned that tasting too much olive oil, even a drop at a time, is not good for your digestion. I have a very, very spicy harissa oil that I like drizzling on top of soups or using to make popcorn. It also has a beautiful orange color. I have a very aromatic white truffle oil that I also like drizzling on top of soups. I have a basil oil that is perfect for tomato mozzarella salads, and I have a picholine oil because I love picholine olives. Lastly, I have an herbs de provence oil that is good on absolutely everything, especially a crispy chip baked potato!

Using infused oil in cooking adds a lot of flavor to your food without a lot of work. Garlic oil is definitely a great one to have too! If you don’t have an olive oil boutique available to you, you should consider infusing your own oils. I’ve never done it though. (UPDATE- I frequently infuse oils!) I have, however, infused my own vodka, but that’s a tale for another day! (UPDATE- Here’s the tale!)

Have any of you infused your own olive oils before?

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