Live Off the Land

My family planted a beautiful garden this year, and it has produced a lot of delicious vegetables. Even more are still growing and ripening! I was lucky enough to do some picking myself, and I am amazed at the backyard bounty we have ready to eat. I picked all kinds of peppers (red, green, jalapeño), a cucumber, string beans, cherry tomatoes, a huge tomato, and a beautiful eggplant. I am most impressed with the eggplant because I’ve never seen one growing before. And the plant’s flowers are beautiful too- purple and wide with little yellow centers. My mom sliced the eggplant, coated it in egg whites and breadcrumbs, sprayed them with canola oil, and baked them until they were crisp. I topped mine with a slice of home-grown tomato for a take on eggplant parmesan, and it was SO delicious! There is nothing like vine-ripened produce.

I think our fruits and vegetables are so delicious because of their beautiful environment. Wouldn’t you thrive under skies like these? And I’m sure it also helps that they were planted with love and that my dad re-routed the sprinkler system for easy watering! There are a lot of green thumbs in this house. I really can’t wait to have a garden of my own!

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