Aerogarden Jungle

I’ve told you about my big garden dreams, and lamented the lack of outdoor space at my current apartment. But we found a solution! The Aerogarden is awesome because it fits on our windowsill, and it grows plants with no dirt, a minimum of effort, and it doesn’t attract bugs! We are nearing the end of our first growing cycle- tomatoes and jalapeños, and we have had the greatest time with it. We harvested all of these tomatoes in the … Continue reading

Let’s Take a Walk…Through the White House Garden!

I love living in Washington, and I love having friends who always take advantage of opportunities to be adventurous and try new things. I especially love when those two things overlap, and we can try new Washington-centric activities. We rang a doorbell for gin at DC’s first distillery, ate dinner at Dana Bash’s house, and most recently, went on the spring tour of the White House’s gardens- a rare treat that is only offered twice a year. My wonderful friend … Continue reading

The Farm Grows On, and a Crazy Cat

My parents’ farm garden has grown so much since my last visit just a few weeks ago. It is lush and bountiful, but the harvest is just beginning. Real broccoli is growing! If you cut the broccoli stalk out of the middle of the plant, a new one will grow! Or so I’m told. There are plenty of very sweet string beans too. They seem to appear overnight. The string beans are sweet and very crunchy. Perfect for a salad. … Continue reading