Stella + Hipstamatic = Album Cover Gold

One of my favorite iPhone apps is Hipstamatic- a free program that allows you to take artistic pictures of any subject. The app comes with different films, lenses, and flashes that you can combine to create a really cool image. Stella is my favorite Hipstamatic subject. These point and shoot photos could easily grace an album cover.

The app is also great because it’s frequently updated with new accessories you can download for free. Of course, there is a much greater variety of accessories that are for sale too. My favorite thing to do with the app is to shake it into random mode so that my pictures are a surprise. The photos take a few seconds to “process” before they become visible, which leaves me in a polaroid-like state of suspense.

Here’s a picture of Stella sticking her head into a bouquet of roses my dad sent me for Valentine’s Day. Without the cool processing, this picture of Stella might be a little boring. But with the processing, her odd habits and impulses are amplified so the photo conveys her intermittent moments of lunacy.

Somehow, the random setting manages to align itself with the mood to make a picture even better. Instead of framing Stella Girl as a loon, here, it enhances her peaceful, gentle, mellow, lovableness. How could you not want to go snuggle that cutie?!

Hipstamatic has a way of making life look more beautiful (and professionally captured). It is hard to believe all of these pictures were taken with a cell phone. This fancy processing phenomenon has definitely proven its ability to instantly elevate a photo…even when capturing subjects less interesting and adorable than Stella. Have you captured any spectacular Hipstamatic (or other phone app-enhanced) photos?

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