Cheesy Puppy Treats

Stella Puppy is such a good girl, that I really enjoy making treats for her. I think she enjoys eating them too! I made these cheesy treats while we were waiting for the hurricane to roll in. I took her out for a walk while they were baking, and it smelled like French gougères (cheese puffs that will be featured here one day) in my apartment. Stella got a whiff of them and ran straight to the oven, immediately forgetting … Continue reading

Snuggley Stella

Stella has turned into a real snuggle pup. When we first had her, she did not want to snuggle at all. If we would stretch out on the floor next to her, she would get up and relocate a few feet over. Over the past few months, she has really learned to love a good cuddle session. She cozies up to me when I wake up in the morning, and even tried to sleep under our covers the other night. … Continue reading

Stella + Hipstamatic = Album Cover Gold

One of my favorite iPhone apps is Hipstamatic- a free program that allows you to take artistic pictures of any subject. The app comes with different films, lenses, and flashes that you can combine to create a really cool image. Stella is my favorite Hipstamatic subject. These point and shoot photos could easily grace an album cover. The app is also great because it’s frequently updated with new accessories you can download for free. Of course, there is a much … Continue reading